Initial thoughts on today’s Social Innovation BarCamp Sydney – all welcome #sibsyd

Social Innovation BarCamp is on in Sydney today.  This “BarCamp Unconference” will be an open conversation where anyone can share their thoughts, ideas and ambitions.  They style is that of open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.  I first attended a “BarCamp” in November 2008 and it was fantastic.  You can read my blog post here.  If you can get down to COFA in Sydney’s Paddington today I recommend it – it starts at 930am.

Social Innovation is the theme of today.  The website explains further:
Our society has seen incredible growth and progress in industry, technology and communication. Social Innovation is the process of inventing, securing support for, and implementing novel solutions to needs and problems, such as:
  • overcrowding and congestion in our cities
  • fragility of our resources and natural environment
  • disconnection, stress and loneliness
  • obesity in the western world whilst extreme poverty and starvation in the third world
  • mental health issues
  • an education system that sometimes does not nurture our most creative and brilliant minds
  • dissemination of our indigenous cultures
I want to thank Kate Carruthers and Michelle Williams in advance of today for the obvious effort they have put in to organsing this event.  Kate and Michelle are part of a community in Sydney who I believe are making a difference: smart, generous people who share their knowledge and experience with others.  You should connect with Kate and Michelle and learn more about them.  Two of the most inspiring people I know in Sydney.
Have a look at these recent BarCamp Canberra photos by Ruth Ellison to get a sense of the atmosphere at these important events:

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