Another coffee morning arrives: North Sydney Coffee Mornings #NthSCM

Tomorrow marks the debut of the latest coffee morning in Sydney, North Sydney Coffee Mornings

We’ve been talking about this for a while – and although its still all evolving, a group of us have decided on every Tuesday from 8am.  All welcome to attend.
If you’re curious about “coffee mornings” have a look at the community that has evolved around Northside Coffee Mornings which occurs every Thursday in Mosman.
Here are the details for tomorrow’s debut:
Home Espresso, 3/107 Mount St, North Sydney 2060
Phone: 02 9954 7402
Here’s a great video from my friend Scott Drummond which captures the magic and atmosphere of coffee mornings.  This one was filmed at the Surry Hills coffee morning by Scott Drummond which takes place every Friday morning in Sydney.

Single Origin Gypsy Friday from Scott Drummond on Vimeo.

Please drop us a comment here, or even post to this blog – it’s open to everyone.  Simply email your post to post @ and it will land here in the blog!
Hope to see you at #NthSCM 🙂

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