Sydney Cricket Ground Trust SCG or Gold Member? Vote for my friend Craig Meagher for board election

Many of you would have connected with my friend Craig (@Meaghery on Twitter, Craig Meagher on LinkedIn) and if you have you would see his experience profile described as “GM & Strategic Marketer, Executive, Family, Friends, Marketing, Strategic Branding, Sponsorship, Entertainment and Sports Guy”.   What you wouldn’t know is that Craig and I have been friends for over 25 years, having attended high school together and stayed friends ever since.

I am writing this blog post to support Craig who needs our help – from the 18th May, The Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCG Trust) is holding their Member election for the SCG Trust Board, and Craig is standing for election.

If you are a Member of The SCG Trust, consider voting for Craig who I believe would be a great addition to the SCG Trust Board.  If you know any Members please let them know about this post by sharing this link  to this post: Only Members can vote so I appreciate your support.

Craig has provided me with some background on himself which clearly articulates his suitability for admission to the SCG Trust Board.

Craig has been a Gold and SCG Member for over 20 years.   He regularly attends winter and summer events with his family and uses the Stadium Fitness Centre gym facilities as well as playing tennis as a Member of the Sydney Lawn Tennis Club at the Sydney Football Stadium.   He is a career marketer, general management professional, former Australian Rugby Union Head of Marketing and former SCG Trust General Manager.  Importantly, Craig understands all the members’ issues and can make a difference representing their interests on issues such as: car parking, seat allocations, reserved seating for the Ashes, availability of Member seats at premium events, Rugby and Cricket fixtures moving to ANZ Stadium, Member subscription increases, match day queues, the return of South Sydney, fitness centre facilities, bookings and food and beverage prices.

On  a personal note, I have watched Craig over the past couple of years embrace the new connection technologies that you know I so enjoy using for business and personal benefit.   I had been discussing the benefits of using tools like LinkedIn and Twitter with Craig for some time, and he decided to first join LinkedIn, and later Twitter.  It is now clear to all that connect with Craig that he is passionate about sports and marketing, and shares his knowledge and experience with those who connect with him.  I am even pleased to say that Craig has been experimenting with the newer “location-based social network” Foursquare, where he regularly “checks-in” at the Sydney Football Stadium.  This interest in modern connection and communication technologies will serve him well as an informed commentator should he be elected to the SCG Trust Board.


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