Attending BarCampSydney4 today

Today I’m very excited to be attending my first BarCamp I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I see there’s 160 people registered for the event in Sydney so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve put together a few points I’ll be discussing at the event, embedded as Google Docs Presentation here:
Update: 27th November 2008.
Reflections on BarCamp Sydney 4
Its been a couple of weeks now since I attended BarCamp in Sydney.  Well it was a fantastic day, for so many reasons.  Firstly, as Steve Herzberg highlighted at his fantastic presentation over at Craig Bailey’s SBTUG last night, you get out of your comfort zone at a conference like BarCamp (or “unconference” as I have learnt it is actually called – because everyone contributes not just a selected group of speakers – fantastic idea!)
Anyway, Steve Herzberg put up a slide last night which articulates how I feel about BarCamp:
“The only way a human being can grow is to work outside their comfort zone” – said by Percy Cerrutty
Well, with BarCamp you certainly are out of your comfort zone:
– you wont know many people
– you are expected to present your own talk or at least contribute vocally
– there’s a high proportion of people of above average intelligence in attendence, people such as software developers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
However, if you get out of your comfort zone, get along to something like this, and participate, the rewards will flow:
– increase your knowledge
– meet new and interesting people
– increase your own personal brand
– generate news ideas which may turn into new businesses and opportunities for you
I look forward to the next BarCamp and I encourage anyone with an interest in technology and the Internet, to get along.   See for more information.

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