You should be on Twitter – creating serendipities and building community

Twitter is an incredible tool for so many reasons. If you don’t know what Twitter is, watch this brief video to get a good overview (the video only skims the surface of it though)

A couple of reasons I enjoy using Twitter is it creates serendipities and builds community. Only today, we were celebrating our school’s 90-year anniversary. I noticed Malcolm Turnbull was in attendence so decided to send him a notice on Twitter (I am wondering if he is actually using it or employs a ghost writer. See for yourself by visiting his Twitter profile here.)

Here’s where the serendipitous moment occurred. Later in the day I checked my email and noticed that one of my Facebook friends (a past-teacher from the school who has relocated overseas) had “commented on my status” I realised immediately, that although this person wasn’t even on Twitter, that they had seen my status update which had automatically been sent to Facebook via the Twitter/Facebook application. This person was pleased to be reminded of the event I was attending and had said so in their comment. I was really chuffed by that moment, as it showed how something so simple as a Twitter update (sent from my phone with an investment of time of no more than a few moments) had put me back in touch with them, and caused them some happiness and fond memories.

Creating serendipities and building community – two good reasons you should be on Twitter.


6 thoughts on “You should be on Twitter – creating serendipities and building community

  1. Great story Tony!

    Agree. Love that word ‘serendipity’ too.

    It’s amazing how these communications tools can reconnect us to our past and to our future in the form of new relationships in life and in business.

    To share with you a quick story, something similar happened to me on Twitter last year. Someone tweeted or blipped a song by a guy I went to school with over 20 years ago. The name I recognised and remembered he was an outstanding musician at a young age so believed it was worth a shot to track him down.

    I tweeted and asked the twitterverse if anyone had his contact details. Within 5mins I had his email. Within the hour, we were chatting online and planning to meet when he comes to Australia again.

    Creating serendipities happens all the time when one is in tune with them.

    Cheers Tony for the fond memories.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that you all share in the love of the word “serendipity” and I think I might know what musician @Iconic88 is referring to as well, whom if it is who I think it is I spent a little time with myself last year! So it is with the greatest pleasure that I have had the chance to meet you both thanks to serendipitous luck!

  3. LOL..yes you do know Radhika 😉 Spot on my sister! 2 degrees of separation! and who knew huh!?!

    Here’s another one for the books Tony.

    I even met Radhika on Twitter. Turns out we’re connected via my close cousin in Michigan (USA) and about 10 other people in New Zealand……long story.


  4. As a budding writer I get excited by getting in touch with other writers. I’ve been in touch with bestselling Aussie authors John Birmingham and Peter Moore. Alexander McCall Smith (author of No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series) even sent me an email after I tweeted about how much I love his books.

    I know this probably sounds sad but it thrills me to know that I’m on their radar and they’ve visited and read my blog. Seth Godin has commented on my blog too. That was brilliant too… he doesn’t do Twitter though, I had to email him. Twitter is much handier:)

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