Poor Parenting or carefully staged moment?

In last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald, I was chuffed to receive a call from one of my oldest friends Warwick La Hood, alerting me to this article. I still remember that scooter, but a 6 year old riding to school alone – can’t imagine that happening nowadays!

3 thoughts on “Poor Parenting or carefully staged moment?

  1. Wow, I remember those school cases! Did you used to wear Bata Scouts? The girls had Bata Ponytails with purple inserts and a bit of a heel!
    Stubbies shorts? You take me back to my childhood in Randwick, it’s so nice to remember.
    Love Charlie’s glasses, God bless those old men, they went through 2 wars and a Depression.
    I was born in 1972, so you must be about 4 years older than me.
    That’s a classic, did you get a copy of the original?

    1. Hi Frances
      Yep, bata scouts all the way – classics! Stubbies shorts? For sure. It seems like longer ago, another age – such carefree days hey? You can still see the Malabar Rd etched onto the side of the road today, as in the photo. It was completely random that the photo appeared – no-one remembers it being taken. I haven’t got the original, it says Farifax Images has it though. I should enquire.

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