Inspiring TED talk. What does it take to live for 100 years?

A few years ago my friend Emma shared this TED talk by developmental psychologist Susan Pinker in 2017. One distinction I took away was that the secret to living longer may be your social life which explains why I’m feeling the adverse effects of isolating during this COVD-19 pandemic. Take 2 1/2 minutes of your time to watch.

For the full talk head over to TED here.

Local Malaysian restaurant hits the spot

Local Malaysian restaurant hits the spot

Thought I’d get back into blogging after an enjoyable dinner had last night.
FANATICAL VALUE and DELICIOUS at our local Malaysian restaurant Pemberton Foods Cafe & IGA XPRESS PEMBERTON ST
Dinner for two $88
(Food $63 plus a bottle of Pinot Grigio $25)
We were about to order takeaway when MrsH5suggested we try to dine in given the restrictions had been lifted on Friday to a maximum of 10 diners in a restaurant at any one time. It was 6pm so in we went. We had the place to ourselves although they were doing plenty of takeaways (from 4pm the owner said)
Roti Canai $7
Samosa (spring rolls) $7
Prawn Laksa $17 (had six prawns 👏 👏)
Malaysian Belacan (Sambal Green beans) $16
Barramundi fillet on banana leaf with curry $16
Total food $63
It was all fresh, fast and delicious. I had the chicken laksa last visit and both laksas are delicious.
It’s not as spicy as these dishes can be however you can always ask for more chilli.
Give this place a go! They’re in Botany.

Technology Startups – frenetic community energy in Sydney with #Launch48Syd

This is my first long-form blog post in quite some time – thanks for the inspiration @AlanSmithOz (my Digivizer wingman) and @VickyLau_ (wearer of many hats – link to PDF)

Last Sunday I was proud to participate in Launch 48 Sydney as a social media mentor to four promising technology startups.  The energy around community building and startups in Sydney right now is running at a frenetic pace – oh to be 20 years younger I sometimes wish, as the people I am meeting who are building new businesses are only 18-25 years old!  How inspiring is that?  One “young’un” I met recently is only 18, and started a mobile application business from home (still living with parents) and is now generating revenue! (I can’t remember the details but when I do I will share)

Tony Hollingsworth ‎mentoring‬ Launch 48 Sydney Adventurare team

I want to highlight some of the people around this event.  They give back to the community.  They get out and achieve.  They inspire through leadership. They inspire through their actions. If you want some inspiration in your lives, chase down the following:

Vicky Lau – a volunteer organiser for #Launch48Syd and the reason I got involved.  Vicky met with me (with some delicious chocolates – temptress!) and within minutes her passion, intellect, professionalism and dedication to the task at hand had me sold.  I was in! Vicky is very busy yet still finds time to get out and organise a weekend hackathon. Wow!

Grant Downie – I only just met Grant on Sunday and it is through his efforts that last weekend’s Launch48 Sydney event occurred – Melbourne is this coming weekend (details here) so if you are interested in helping out get in touch with Grant. He is giving back to the community simply because he can, and he obviously cares.

Danielle Marie Fletcher – already building businesses including AscendsBranding, Danielle has created PropellHER to help women find mentors to propel their careers.  Wow again!

Elizabeth Kaelin – her passion for artisan produce has brought her to YouChews which aims to “matchmake innovation with the amazing food it deserves) Now THIS is a startup close to my culinary heart!

Annie Beaulieu – leading the Adventurare team who are building a web application to help you plan your next “Rare Adventure” – this one sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to learn more.

Oliver Lee – building Hero Without a Mask, combining Happiness with Gamification – bring it on!  Oliver and his team showed me an interactive mobile app prototype they had already built within 2 days, and I was impressed.  Watch this space – a very interesting startup indeed.

It was also great to see other community leaders there such as Ash Donaldson – I love seeing the mentoring continue over on Twitter too – well done Ash!

Overall, I was honoured and proud to have been given the chance to meet and mentor these startups – there’s a lot of inspiration out there folks, so what are you waiting for?

Location Sites Experiment to Attract Mainstream Users –

Technology Aside, Most People Still Decline to Be Located

Mark Schiefelbein for The New York Times

Elizabeth Aley of Nixa, Mo., uses the Shopkick app on her phone to earn reward points in return for visiting stores.

Internet companies have appropriated the real estate business’s mantra — it’s all about location, location, location.

Jamie Rector for The New York Times

For safety’s sake, Marsha Collier checks in on Foursquare only when she is leaving a place.

But while a home on the beach will always be an easy sell, it may be more difficult to persuade people to start using location-based Web services.

VC’s have poured US$115million into location start-ups. Are mainstream people using these networks yet? Not really, but with Facebook launching Places, the market is about to heat up. The New York Times reports….

All welcome: dinner at Jasmin, Lakemba 530pm Sat 28th August RSVP by commenting #felafeltub

Address: 30B Haldon St Lakemba

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Firstly, can I get a show of hands – leave a comment below to say if you are coming and how many (including children)  I can themn come back here and confirm time to start etc.

Looking forward to this one!


Initial thoughts on today’s Social Innovation BarCamp Sydney – all welcome #sibsyd

Social Innovation BarCamp is on in Sydney today.  This “BarCamp Unconference” will be an open conversation where anyone can share their thoughts, ideas and ambitions.  They style is that of open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants.  I first attended a “BarCamp” in November 2008 and it was fantastic.  You can read my blog post here.  If you can get down to COFA in Sydney’s Paddington today I recommend it – it starts at 930am.

Social Innovation is the theme of today.  The website explains further:
Our society has seen incredible growth and progress in industry, technology and communication. Social Innovation is the process of inventing, securing support for, and implementing novel solutions to needs and problems, such as:
  • overcrowding and congestion in our cities
  • fragility of our resources and natural environment
  • disconnection, stress and loneliness
  • obesity in the western world whilst extreme poverty and starvation in the third world
  • mental health issues
  • an education system that sometimes does not nurture our most creative and brilliant minds
  • dissemination of our indigenous cultures
I want to thank Kate Carruthers and Michelle Williams in advance of today for the obvious effort they have put in to organsing this event.  Kate and Michelle are part of a community in Sydney who I believe are making a difference: smart, generous people who share their knowledge and experience with others.  You should connect with Kate and Michelle and learn more about them.  Two of the most inspiring people I know in Sydney.
Have a look at these recent BarCamp Canberra photos by Ruth Ellison to get a sense of the atmosphere at these important events:

Northside #coffeemornings Thursday Cafe Prego Mosman. All Welcome.

Hey there, Tony Hollingsworth here realising our collaborative blog hasnt' been updated for a while so popping in to say hi and remind everyone about this great event every Thursday in Mosman.   Originally starting at 930am every Thursday, many still arrive then but others are available earlier and have started arriving from 8am.  Usually between 8am-11am you will find friendly faces and plenty of great ideas being discussed.

Here is the location:

Here's a great video which captures the magic and atmosphere of coffee mornings.  This one was filmed at the Surry Hills coffee morning by Scott Drummond which takes place every Friday morning in Sydney.
Please drop us a comment here, or even post to this blog – it's open to everyone.  Simply email your post to " post @ and it will land here in the blog!
Hope to see you at #nscm 🙂

All welcome Northside #coffeemornings Thursdays #nscm – what’s this all about again?

Friendly reminder that an informal coffee morning takes place every Thursday in Mosman at Cafe Prego, Shp2/ 573 Military Rd Mosman.  

Northside Coffee Mornings is a living example of "the true spirit of sharing and collaboration" that can occur when between people.   These words come from Nancy Georges who has seen her own business benefit from the serendipitous connections that are more likely to occur after a visit to coffee mornings.

If you've just landed on this post from Twitter, you've found the collaborative blog.  You're welcome to post content to it – simply email the content to and Posterous will take care of the rest.

I travel from the city yet with my office is in St Leonards this coffee mornings really suits me.  I would urge any northside workers who travel from the city to consider the great bus service from Wynyard.  I must thank Paul Wallbank for suggesting this.  Rather than continuing on the train to North Sydney, get off at Wynyard, walk to Stand A on Carrington Street and grab the bus: 244, 245 or 247 to choose from.  Here's a link to the bus timetable (links to PDF file).  Its less than 20 minutes from Wynyard.

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Another coffee morning arrives: North Sydney Coffee Mornings #NthSCM

Tomorrow marks the debut of the latest coffee morning in Sydney, North Sydney Coffee Mornings

We’ve been talking about this for a while – and although its still all evolving, a group of us have decided on every Tuesday from 8am.  All welcome to attend.
If you’re curious about “coffee mornings” have a look at the community that has evolved around Northside Coffee Mornings which occurs every Thursday in Mosman.
Here are the details for tomorrow’s debut:
Home Espresso, 3/107 Mount St, North Sydney 2060
Phone: 02 9954 7402
Here’s a great video from my friend Scott Drummond which captures the magic and atmosphere of coffee mornings.  This one was filmed at the Surry Hills coffee morning by Scott Drummond which takes place every Friday morning in Sydney.

Single Origin Gypsy Friday from Scott Drummond on Vimeo.

Please drop us a comment here, or even post to this blog – it’s open to everyone.  Simply email your post to post @ and it will land here in the blog!
Hope to see you at #NthSCM 🙂